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Obtaining a certification in SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is a valuable and strategic step for individuals and organizations navigating the complexities of modern business environments. SAFe certification equips professionals with a comprehensive understanding of agile practices, principles, and methodologies, allowing them to effectively lead and manage large-scale projects.

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SAFe certification signifies a commitment to enhancing collaboration, accelerating innovation, and optimizing value delivery across cross-functional teams. By aligning teams with set principles of language and framework, SAFe certification fosters transparency, promotes adaptive problem-solving, and enables the cultivation of a culture of continuous improvement.

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As businesses increasingly embrace agile practices to stay competitive, SAFe certification not only enhances career opportunities but also empowers organizations to achieve higher levels of efficiency, customer satisfaction, and overall success in an ever-evolving marketplace.

K2 University is an official SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) training provider, offering courses designed to equip business teams and independent professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s dynamic digital business landscape.

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Our SAFe Training Courses

SAFe Practioner (SAFe for Teams)

Our SAFe for Teams course is tailored to provide people and teams with a solid foundation in Agile principles and practices. This two-day training program is ideal for cross-functional teams who wish to collaborate effectively, continuously deliver value and improve their overall performance.

During this course, participants will:

SAFe Scrum Master

The SAFe Scrum Master course is aimed at Scrum Masters, team facilitators and Agile coaches who want to enhance their expertise in leading Agile teams within a SAFe environment.
The two-day course offers practical guidance on:

SAFe Product Owner

Our SAFe Product Owner course is designed for Product Owners, Product Managers and anyone involved in shaping the product vision and maximizing its value.
During the immersive two-day training, participants will:

Leading SAFe

After this two day course, participants will become SAFe Agilists. It’s aimed at executives, managers and leaders who ideally have over five years of experience in software development, testing, business analysis, product or project management.

During the course, participants will learn about:

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