Boosting Your Career by Upskilling From Home

Even when working remotely it’s possible to boost your employability and take your career to the next level by getting certified with K2 University. Businesses all over the world are starting to speed up their digital transformation journeys, which are vital to their success. In the current climate, they are looking for candidates with more than just experience. Professionals must demonstrate a willingness to learn and a desire to stand out from the crowd by gaining a certification.

By obtaining a Salesforce, SAP or RPA certification with K2 University, you will be able to add significant value to employers’ digital projects. Our flexible online courses are perfect for professionals who are currently working from home/remotely. 

So what are the benefits of taking the time to become certified? 

Better Job Prospects

By undertaking a remote course with K2 University, you will significantly increase your professional credibility by demonstrating that you are committed to your career and professional development.

Gaining a certification will prove to potential employers that you have the knowledge to undertake key projects. This will make you more likely to contribute to a business’s success.

With a more advanced skill set, you will increase your employability and be able to access more job opportunities.

Higher Salary

Having a certification can boost your salary. According to a survey of Salesforce professionals in Denver, Colorado, the average salary was 25% higher for those with certification. 

Once certified, you will also be more likely to implement solutions without guidance, and complete projects faster and more efficiently. This means you will be better able to negotiate a higher salary when you are talking to potential employers.

Faster Career Development

The technology sector is fast-paced and dynamic, which means there is always something new to learn. A certification can ensure that you learn about new developments and reinforce your current knowledge.

 A proven skillset will not only make you more attractive to prospective employers, but it would also give you the flexibility to work in a wider number of sectors. This means you will have access to a greater number of opportunities.

Not only will upskilling make you more desirable to employers, but it increases your likelihood of promotion and in turn means you will be able to climb the career ladder faster.  

The certification process may also give you an opportunity to grow your network. A course will allow you to make connections with other professionals who work in a similar industry and have common specialties with you. They could aid your professional development with valuable new opportunities through endorsements or job recommendations.

Enrolling on a course with K2 University is the first step in gaining a certification and boosting your career opportunities. The online training is led by highly qualified trainers, who will guide you throughout the process and be on hand to answer any questions. The flexible nature of our courses means that you will be able to upskill from your own home!

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