Futureproof your career with must-have ChatGPT training

Don’t be left behind as the AI revolution gains momentum. Get essential ChatGPT training through K2 University.

ChatGPT is rapidly becoming the hottest skill on the market, with generative AI set to transform some 300m jobs, according to Goldman Sachs.

Mastery of ChatGPT is now essential to increasing your productivity and performance, whether you’re crafting content, developing code, or making business decisions.
It also positions you for sustained career success because employers’ demand for ChatGPT expertise will continue to rise across all professions.

The hottest AI skill on the market

Companies are facing critical AI talent shortages and are looking to upskill their workforces to meet the new business needs of the AI era.
As AI redefines individual jobs and entire organizations, the time has come to invest in essential ChatGPT training that will give you the edge at work, today and in the future.

Take the ChatGPT Prompting for Business Users course through K2 University
and futureproof your career for just $50.
Upon completing this two-hour ChatGPT course and successfully passing an online exam, you will earn the highly regarded Prompt Engineering Business Professional Certificate.

Why you need ChatGPT training

Whether you’re taking the course yourself or organizing training for your workforce, ChatGPT Prompting for Business Users unlocks all the benefits of the world’s most sought-after AI tool.

This ChatGPT training is a game-changer for team leaders, project managers, consultants and anyone looking to harness the power of generative AI for innovation and productivity.

ChatGPT prompting for Business Users unlocks all the benefits of the world’s most sought-after AI tool.

Advantages for professionals and businesses

Learn essential ChatGPT skills for
business success

Most people don’t use ChatGPT to its full potential. This new training program will set you apart.

It provides practical skills to craft highly effective prompts when using ChatGPT in a professional setting.

Here’s what you’ll learn

Understand the fundamentals of Large Language Models (LLMs) and
their many benefits for your job and organization.

Apply various ChatGPT prompts to generate the best outcomes in
your business tasks.

Critically evaluate ChatGPT outputs, and enhance them using
advanced prompting strategies.

Collaborate effectively with ChatGPT for enhanced productivity,
career growth, and creativity.

Prioritize data privacy and ethics when engaging with AI.

Seize the opportunity to stay ahead as AI transforms your job

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