Empowering New Talent to Drive Digital Transformation with K2’s Fuji Program

K2 University Japan has launched a Net New Talent program, called Fuji, that will train the next generation of SAP and Salesforce professionals. K2 University’s Net New Talent initiative provides participants with the skills and knowledge they need to become certified technology professionals. 

In the first phase, launched in April 2021, 15 individuals were chosen from a selection of applicants and over an eight-week period, K2 University is training them in the SAP and Salesforce skills they will need to drive organizations’ digital transformation. 

With training using official content, and hands-on experience, participants learn to deliver key solutions for our leading clients. Organizations benefit significantly from developing new talent in-house, saving on costs and creating skilled, driven employees.

When they have completed the remote training in June, the intake will take the required exams to become certified SAP and Salesforce professionals. After this, they will be presented to a selection of some of the world’s leading consulting companies. They will then be interviewed for permanent SAP or Salesforce roles in Japan.

On 22nd April, Atsushi Koshio (K2’s Head of Education in Japan), Chenda Ando (K2’s Managing Director of APAC) and the K2 University Japan team hosted an online event for prospective participants. SAP Japan’s Managing Director, Takeshi Oga, also joined as a special guest. The webinar gave attendees an overview of K2’s Fuji Program, the training process and how it will benefit their careers in the tech industry.

The only criteria for the Fuji Program’s applicants is motivation, strong communication skills and the ability to read and write English. Once certified, they will be equipped with the knowledge to provide SAP and Salesforce solutions for leading consulting firms. 

K2 is proud to introduce valuable new talent into the Salesforce and SAP ecosystems all over the world with our Net New Talent program.

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Ottilie Wood

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