Growing the Salesforce Ecosystem in Brazil with K2 University’s Net New Talent Program

Since 2019, K2 University’s Net New Talent program has been successfully sourcing, training and certifying new Salesforce talent for our clients. It gives professionals who are new to the Salesforce ecosystem not only the training and certifications they need but also the chance to gain valuable hands-on experience delivering Salesforce projects. In turn, Net New Talent helps our clients develop the skills they need in-house instead of competing to acquire high-demand talent on the market.

In 2021, a leading global consultancy organization partnered with K2 University to help it meet its demand for Salesforce Developers in Brazil. We identified 14 professionals with software development backgrounds from K2’s community to enter the Net New Talent program. Following K2’s vetting procedures, they were presented to the client to interview to become remote-working Salesforce Developers.

Since joining the program, the participants have completed a comprehensive and hands-on program:: 

  1. Introduction to Salesforce and its company ethos
  2. Training on the soft skills that will benefit them in their careers
  3. The Administrative Essentials in Lightning Experience (ADX201) course
  4. An overview of agile methodology
  5. The Programmatic Development using Apex and Visualforce in Lightning Experience (DEX450) course
  6. Hands-on project experience
  7. Certification

Their training was completed by December 2020, followed by hands-on experience in January 2021. The cohort of professionals then began work with the client in February.

Mauricio Schorsch, K2 University’s Director of Brazil, commented:

“We believe that by providing valuable training to this new intake of talent they will have the necessary business and technical skills to work efficiently and deliver high-quality work for our client. We will also be making a fantastic contribution to the Salesforce ecosystem as a whole.”

The new Salesforce Developers will be incorporated into several teams and will help deliver projects for different Salesforce customers in Brazil. K2 University will stay in regular contact with each new Salesforce Developer and will monitor  Throughout their new employment, K2 University has remained in regular contact with each of them and monitored their performance.

We’re very proud that our Net New Talent program has introduced more talent into the Salesforce ecosystem, ready to help deliver projects for Salesforce customers and partners! 

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