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How I became an SAP tech leader: actionable insights from a 14-year career

Becoming an SAP tech leader is a significant milestone in many SAP careers. Wondering how to get there and what the job entails? We’ve got insights from Renan Andrade de Castro, SAP Global Tech Leader at K2 Partnering Solutions.  Renan shares his journey up the SAP career ladder, talks about the main challenges of his […]

Salesforce Winter ’24 Release: five game-changing features

The Salesforce Winter ’24 release has arrived, bringing a host of transformative features for administrators, developers, and all Salesforce users. What are the main changes you need to know about? We’ve summarized five of them below in a bite-sized guide to the Winter ‘24 updates. 1. Smoother user experience with Reactive Screens in Flow Reactive […]

The ultimate guide to the best Salesforce careers

The ultimate guide to be the best Salesforce Career Developer

Salesforce careers are as varied as the Salesforce platform itself. Embarking on a Salesforce career can be both exciting and overwhelming, given the multitude of roles available to junior professionals. From Salesforce Administrator to Project Manager, each job offers a unique set of responsibilities, qualifications, and earning potentials. In this guide, we’ll break down the […]

Salesforce Omnistudio: your secret sauce to boost customer engagement

Salesforce Omnistudio is designed to deal with today’s fast-paced business landscape, where consumer expectations for seamless and personalized experiences have soared to new heights. The rise of digital interactions, diverse device usage, and the need for 24/7 accessibility have presented companies with unique challenges in meeting these demands. In response to these demands, Salesforce introduced […]

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