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The essential skills to hone to land your next developer role

In the current market, full-stack developers are in high demand. With such fierce competition, it’s vital to develop and strengthen the skills that employees are looking for.  So which soft and technical skills do you need to perfect when searching for your next full-stack developer job? We spoke with Igor Ayello Borges, an experienced full-stack […]

ServiceNow’s CEO just revealed a critical way to use AI in your job

Bill McDermott, the CEO of ServiceNow, recently stated that process optimization is the biggest use case for generative AI. This is a particularly important insight for technology professionals who are looking to stand out from other candidates in the competitive landscape of today. Upskilling and reskilling in the most up to date skills and knowledge […]

How K2’s dynamic new AI tool helps employees work more productivity

We’re excited to announce our brand-new AI-powered Virtual Assistant, integrated into Google Chat. This innovation aligns with K2’s dedicated AI practice, aiming to assist employees in performing multiple tasks more efficiently. Our Virtual Assistant complements other AI innovations at K2, including our career boosting ChatGPT Prompting for Business Users course. The Virtual Assistant streamlines pipeline […]

Boost your productivity on the job: embracing ServiceNow’s AI transformation

Discover how ServiceNow’s advanced AI functionalities revolutionize workflow management and operational efficiency for ServiceNow professionals. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore ten cutting-edge AI features offered by ServiceNow, specifically designed to empower ServiceNow professionals with enhanced productivity and streamlined operations in the digital age. Streamlined workflow routing through AI By leveraging AI-powered classification capabilities, […]

20 ways Einstein Copilot will transform how you use Salesforce

20 ways Salesforce Einstein Copilot will transform your career

After months of hype, dating back to Dreamforce last September, Salesforce Einstein Copilot is finally now available in public beta. Einstein Copilot, a generative-AI assistant seamlessly integrated into Salesforce’s CRM applications, strives to enhance the productivity of Salesforce users. It achieves this by enabling natural language interactions with the platform and delivering personalized, real-time client […]

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