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How K2 built a thriving Salesforce team from scratch for a top Italian fashion brand

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In 2023, an influential Italian fashion brand turned to K2 to help them source people to join their team as Salesforce developers. These individuals needed  the skills and knowledge to start working on critical assignments straight away.

K2 selected the participants and then gave them world-class training to make them ready to start work with the client in just 10 weeks.

Here’s how we made this possible:

The client

An Italian fashion group

  • Over 44,000 employees around the world

The need

Addressing Salesforce talent shortage

  • The client faced a critical challenge with a shortage of skilled Salesforce developers. This gap arose from:
    – A talent shortage: their workforce lacked the Salesforce development expertise to implement and maintain robust solutions.
    – Cost efficiency: the client wanted to avoid outsourcing Salesforce development to external suppliers. Investing in internal talent development would result in long-term cost savings.
  • Recruiting experienced Salesforce developers externally would incur higher costs, longer lead times, and potential cultural misalignment.

  • Waiting for existing employees to organically acquire Salesforce skills would be time-consuming and may not meet urgent business needs due to a lack of suitable candidates.

  • The business needed 15 Salesforce developers who had not only the relevant certifications, but also soft and practical skills to drive business success.

The plan

Rapid training for 15 Salesforce junior developers

  • We proposed an accelerated training program for selected participants, aimed at identifying and developing junior developers with essential certifications, and practical and theoretical skills:
    – K2 Talent Solutions would recruit 15 junior developers, forming a strong internal workforce.
    – K2 University would conduct a ‘Launchpad program’, comprising of theoretical and practical training sessions.
  • The project timeline included nine weeks for recruitment and 10 weeks for theoretical and practical training.

The impact

Developers delivered within 10 weeks, ready to deliver expert solutions straight away

  • K2 met the client’s deadline ahead of time, finding the right people within only eight weeks.
  • The participants worked on an extensive salesforce based program, gaining brand new methodology related skills and soft skills. Each person acquired at least one Salesforce and one Agile certification.
  • After the 10-week training period, the participants were fully equipped and integrated, ready to start work on the client’s most critical projects straight away.

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Ottilie Wood

Ottilie has worked with K2 since 2019. Over that time she has specialized in content creation to engage our world-class clients and customers.

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