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A core part of K2 University’s business is to give people access to the best opportunities on the market. Our training gives them the skills to boost their professional development and get the jobs they deserve.

In March 2022, we began the first stage of the Impulsotec program, which was devised between K2 University and Accenture. The aim of the program is to give young, diverse people a chance to enter the technology industry and start exciting fast-paced careers. 

We approached the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of São Paulo and presented the Impulsotec program. The university decided to get involved and give their final-year students the chance to begin their careers. In total, 200 students were signed up for the program.

The first stage of the program was soft skill training, which was taught in association with Universidade Estadual de Campinas. The students were shown how they could improve their public speaking, personal branding and more with webinars and workshops.

Once this stage of the program was finished, it was time for the students to be trained in key technology skills. 50 of the 200 students received K2 University training in Javascript. In total, the students received 548 hours of online classes, filled with exclusive material. The students also had to produce two projects based on their Javascript training, which were to be presented at the end of the program.

After their training was complete, 172 of the students were deployed to AWS and Itaú Bank and selected for jobs. Without the Impulsotec program, some of these students would not have had the opportunity to start their careers with such elite companies.

Here are some words from the students themselves about their experience with the Impulsotec program:

“I used to feel very hopeless in my professional life. I studied all my life, but it seemed that I just kept studying the wrong things. Now I’m 54 years and I started to feel like my chance for a great career had gone. It was when I heard about the Impulsotec Program and the involvement of K2, Itaú, Accenture, AWS and Descomplica that I started to dream. Training is for life. It’s priceless, the value is immeasurable.”

– Marcos Antonio Silva de Souza

“I signed up for the Impulsotec Program with no hope of passing. When I received the email confirming my place I was so happy as I always wanted to delve deeper into technology. I’m very happy to have come this far!”

– Victor Marques Alves

“You guys at K2 University managed to make a huge impact on the lives of the 50 students who took part in the Impulsotec Program. What an amazing and enriching week!”

– Marco Tulio Moreira Santos

“The whole Impulsotec experience was surprising. It was more than just learning about a career. It gave me another view of life and made me reflect on myself too. I’m so grateful to have been a part of it.”

– Paloma Ferreira

“To future students of the Impulsotec course: enjoy. Reflect. Your learning will all be worth it.”

– Sávio dos Santos

Giving people from underrepresented backgrounds an opportunity to forge a fantastic future and rewarding career is the core of K2 University’s mission. By giving undiscovered talent a chance to realize their true potential, we’re working to close the digital skills gap in the market.

Find out more about another program K2 University has run (in association with Salesforce), Bring Women Back to Work. This helps to promote greater equality in the workplace by giving women an opportunity to restart their careers in the technology industry.

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