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How the Right Training Program Will Boost Your Workforce Readiness

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Are you lacking the SAP skills you need to drive your digital transformation? Upskilling your existing staff should be a vital component of your workforce readiness strategy By integrating training programs into your workforce readiness strategy, you can develop your business culture and equip your staff with beneficial knowledge and skills.

64% of employers believe there is a technology skills gap in their company, according to research from, leading higher education services and solutions provider, Wiley Education Services, in its report ‘Closing the Digital Skills Gap’. The report also predicts that more than 54% of all employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling within the next two years. This is why it is vital to stay one step ahead of your competitors by empowering your workforce with the SAP skills and knowledge they need.

Upskilling your existing workforce creates a number of benefits for your business:

Faster Delivery Times

If your organization is under time constraints to deliver SAP solutions fast, ensuring your existing employees have the skills to deliver will improve your velocity. 

By equipping your workforce with adequate SAP knowledge, you will reduce the time needed to source, interview and onboard new talent. In the long term, your staff will also be more capable of troubleshooting and solving issues that may arise. This will mean they can work faster, with less need to rely on external support.

Improved Company Culture

An organization’s culture is one of its greatest assets. Nurturing and developing yours is one of the best ways to ensure employee engagement, motivation and enthusiasm. Upskilling your workforce has numerous positive effects on workplace culture. 

Investing in training creates a company-wide mindset based upon the importance of learning. Giving your team access to necessary SAP skills will broaden their professional knowledge. They will be able to deliver immediate results to drive your digital transformation, and it will also create a foundation for future upskilling in support of an organization’s workforce readiness. 

A culture that encourages the pursuit of learning also demonstrates that a company cares about its employees’ career development, which will in turn improve staff retention.

Agility and Adaptability

When a business invests in SAP training, there are numerous long-term benefits. A workforce’s ability to be agile and adapt to change is vital to meet evolving business objectives. This is particularly important in the current climate. The unprecedented circumstances of the Coronavirus pandemic have forced workforces to rapidly adjust to new tasks, roles and procedures. 

As an official training and enablement partner of SAP, K2 University can help your business unlock your staff’s potential. We give them the skills they need to use SAP products effectively, deliver business value and help you achieve your goals. Our expert trainers and comprehensive portfolio of training solutions for businesses make us the first choice to equip your current employees with the skills they need to guide your organization through the fast-paced digital landscape.

Want to learn more? Find out how K2 University can help you make the most out of your SAP investment.

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