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How to get the Most out of Your SAP Investment


Are you getting the most out of your SAP investment? Training in SAP systems gives your teams the skills and knowledge they need to drive your business’s digital transformation. Your workforce will be empowered to increase efficiency and productivity to ensure project success.

K2 University is an official education training and enablement partner of SAP. We help businesses drive their digital transformation by providing SAP training solutions that enable them to build the SAP skills they need in-house along with the user adoption that increases ROI in their SAP products.

Here are some significant benefits to providing your teams with SAP training:

Increased Return on Investment (ROI) 

The team’s new knowledge and skills will improve their overall job performance, helping them to complete tasks faster and to a higher quality and increase their ability to nurture customer relationships. 

In 2019, IDC surveyed 950 SAP consultants from 19 countries. It found that, on average, deployment time is sped up by 10% in organizations with staff trained in SAP solutions, equating to 2 months. K2 University can partner with you to increase the ROI on your SAP products, accelerate your SAP user productivity and generate 7-13 times improvements in key performance measures for end-users.

Research from IDC in 2020 also showed that organizations with 25% more of their workforce trained in SAP see a 123% improvement in their targeted business metrics.

Time Optimization

Without adequate SAP training, employees must rely on other professionals and organizations to help resolve any challenges they encounter. 

Your team will gain the knowledge they need to solve problems and achieve measurable outcomes. IDC’s survey showed that when organizations have trained SAP Administrators, escalations to SAP are reduced by approximately 27%. Additionally, when they have undertaken more than 45 hours of training, SAP Administrators make up to 62% fewer support calls. 

Upskill Versus New Hire

Upskilling your workforce with the SAP knowledge and skills they need to succeed will mean that you will avoid the costs associated with having to hire new members of staff. Working in partnership with you, K2 University can help you to transition and upskill your existing employees. This will help you to reduce costs while still meeting business goals and achieve KPIs. 

Accelerate your SAP  user productivity and adoption with K2 University

As SAP Training and Adoption Partner K2 trains over 2,150 cloud professionals per year, and draws on more than 20 years of experience, to provide comprehensive SAP solutions to help businesses drive their digital transformation. 

Working in partnership with you we will help you to identify the skills needed to achieve your business goals, create bespoke remote training programs to suit your needs and increase your productivity and ROI.

Call K2 University today to find out how we can help you to deliver maximum business value, accelerate SAP user productivity and speed your deployment time.

Ottilie Wood

Ottilie has worked with K2 since 2019. Over that time she has specialized in content creation to engage our world-class clients and customers.

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