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Interview Tips for IT Professionals

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You have landed an interview, maybe you’re feeling a little nervous, how do give yourself the best chance of landing the role? Here are some preparation tips for your next face-to-face or telephone interview.


One major pitfall is not being well enough prepared for your all-important interview. Having a rehearsal interview with the recruiter can be a great way to get you ready and show where you need to do more research. When you feel ready it will make you more confident and this comes across in your interview.

Research the company

Researching the company will show the hiring manager that you want the job and are motivated, informed and enthusiastic. Doing your homework may preempt the kinds of questions and topics that will crop up in the interview. For example, the more you know about the company’s wider IT landscape, the more chance you will be able to provide context and depth to your answers.

Research the interviewers

LinkedIn to find out as much as you can about your interviewers, inside knowledge you get could help you relate your answers to personal information such as articles they may have posted. You will get an idea of their background and their projects in more depth, you could also see other people they work with and get a feel for the type of candidate they are looking for. Have a look at any recommendations they have provided which could highlight some of the traits and skills they are looking for.

Make an impression

You should maintain good posture, even if the interview is over the phone, posture can provide a positive impression and can affect your tone of voice. Be mindful of the length of your answers, if you’re unsure how much detail the interviewer is expecting, ask them. You should always dress appropriately, a smart appearance not only gives a professional impression but can also give you a confidence boost.

Quiet environment and good reception for phone interviews

Your environment is important when conducting a phone interview. Having a quiet space is important to avoid unwanted disruptions. A quiet coffee shop may be a good spot, but taking the call from your home is the best bet. Wherever you choose to do the interview you should make sure you have good phone reception to avoid losing signal mid interview frustrating the hiring manager.

Know your CV

Don’t get caught off guard by a question about your work experience. Study your CV well and be prepared to explain clearly not just the work you’ve done but also the impact you made in your previous roles.

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