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K2 is Partnering with Salesforce on its Pathfinder Program

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With demand for Salesforce talent already at an all-time high and a forecast of 4.2 million new jobs being created in the ecosystem by 2024, finding and retaining skilled Salesforce professionals can be a challenge. To help address this by training and placing new professionals with its customers and partners, Salesforce has developed the Pathfinder Program.

Through the Pathfinder Program, Salesforce and Deloitte are training the next generation of Admins and Developers and at the same time providing them with the necessary business to succeed in today’s workplaces. 

K2 is delighted to be playing a part in the Pathfinder Program as an employment and education partner providing flexible and seamless solutions that help companies easily deploy certified Pathfinder graduates for their strategic projects.

Training the Next Generation of Salesforce Professionals

Salesforce’s Pathfinder program takes place over a 16 week period, combining both online and in-person technical and business training. Key to the Program is the concept that everyone, regardless of background, demographics, and socioeconomic status, should be given the chance to gain the skills and receive the support they need to pursue a career in tech.

Deloitte is working together with Salesforce to drive the initiative, with the first groups being trained in San Francisco, Indianapolis and London.

Moving Into Salesforce Jobs

K2 Partnering Solutions provides career coaching and recruitment support to the program’s participants and graduates. Once participants graduate from the Program by completing their training and earning certifications, they are being matched to opportunities at Salesforce’s employer partners. K2 will then provide complete onboarding, mentoring and development, payrolling and off-boarding services. 

How does taking part in the program benefit the participants?

Graduates will have demonstrable skills that will help them start rewarding careers working with Salesforce and enable their employers to drive their business’s digital transformation. The Pathfinder program’s participants will be part of the next generation of outstanding technology experts who will have the resources to accelerate change ready for the fourth industrial revolution.

We look forward to enabling professionals to gain the skills they need to succeed in the Salesforce ecosystem. Find out more about the Pathfinder program.

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