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K2 Partners with EU on Internship Scheme to Close the Digital Skill Gap

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The digital and technology skills gap is currently a much-discussed topic with more than 40% of business across Europe saying they have difficulty finding the right talent. Companies, governments, and educational institutions are all working to address the issue and the “Digital Opportunity” traineeship scheme, sponsored by the European Commission, is one of the initiatives that exist to help respond to this challenge.

From June 2018, K2 in partnership with the European Commission will be offering twelve internship opportunities where trainees can strengthen their ICT specific skills. During the first month, trainees will learn how to use K2’s IT systems and gain a Salesforce ADM201 certification. This opportunity is available to students who are part of the Erasmus program across Europe.

The K2 team in Madrid is very international with the city already being considered as one of the most attractive places for MBA programs: Globally, Spain comes third with the most foreign students and in Europe, it is the second most popular destination for students. The climate is a plus and the affordability of the programs and interest in the language comes up high on the list. Besides that, Madrid is one of the best cities for Erasmus programs, according to the Erasmus Student Network

There are two ways in which you can participate in this program:

Digital Education Intern – As a Digital Education Intern you will work with IT Professionals, offering career advice, education, training,  certifications and the best digital jobs. You will also be responsible for managing the relationships with EU Universities, in order to develop and maximize the employability of graduates and help students get the specific skills they need to succeed in today’s cloud computing and digitally transformed enterprises. By becoming an expert in market analysis of EU Digital Skill gap and by understanding all the above and socio-economic behaviours, alongside best practices of K2 education, you will propose concrete suggestions and actions to private companies, public and governmental entities.

Digital Recruiter – The Digital Recruiter will be responsible for finding, attracting and recruiting top Digital IT professionals. You will learn how to use our Salesforce CRM to monitor the hiring process from end to end: Interviewing candidates, getting feedback, rejecting, making job offers, negotiate salary package and contracts, managing candidates and clients expectation. Though all of these activities, you will develop an in-depth knowledge of the IT market and will have the opportunity to work with big international clients advising them on how to solve their digital staffing needs.


Interviews are taking place right now, so if you are a European University student looking for an internship opportunity, consider your next home Madrid, one of the most vibrant post-graduate student destinations in Europe!

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