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K2 University and Salesforce are Bringing Women Back to Work in Switzerland

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K2 University has partnered with Salesforce on a new initiative in Switzerland – ‘Bring Women Back to Work’. The aim of this program is to support and train women who have had career breaks and are looking to get back into business.

At present, women are under-representation in the Swiss workplace. Mothers who are on maternity leave may find they have fewer employment rights and their positions will not necessarily be waiting for them when they choose to come back. This is why Salesforce has decided to create this scheme in Switzerland to provide the necessary support and training needed to succeed in today’s world of work. 

This valuable scheme is designed to provide support in common areas of concern around skills, experience, confidence or working hours. K2 University will provide all participants with flexible training, allowing women who are juggling other commitments to complete the course.  

The benefits of the Bring Women Back to Work program is that it is not compulsory for the applicants to have a professional background in technology. All they need is an interest in the field, a degree or diploma in a business or IT-related area and a willingness to learn and thrive in a fast-paced environment. This program centers on hiring for attitude and training for skills!

Applicants just need to send their application to Salesforce, consisting of their CV and a motivation letter. If accepted onto the program, their CVs will be sent to participating businesses that are looking to hire, including PwC, CapGemini, Deloitte and more. 

Once the applicants have been interviewed and offered a job with one of the businesses, K2 University will train them in a series of online courses. These courses will provide the attendees with all the skills they will need in their roles with their new employer.

Do you want to get involved in the Switzerland Bring Women Back to Work scheme? Find out more and register your interest today, visit https://sforce.co/2QoZNHN.

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