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In today’s world, it’s a struggle for thousands of refugees to find jobs that are right for them in their host country. K2 University wanted to be part of changing that. We’ve partnered with Blue Road Academy, a social enterprise, to help offer Salesforce certifications to refugees. Our shared goal is to give undiscovered talent a chance to fulfill their potential and avoid settling for temporary or low-skilled work.

Blue Road Academy was established in 2018 with the goal of helping refugees launch rewarding Salesforce careers. Since then, it’s gone on to win numerous awards and help change how employers and businesses view the value and skills newcomers can bring to their host countries. 

K2 University partnered with Blue Road Academy and provided free Salesforce training to a group of refugees. We spoke to one of them about their experience. Read on to find out more:


1. Could you give us an overview of your background?


I’m a Yemeni national with a joint MBA degree from Aachen University and Maastricht School of Management. Currently, I’m working as a Salesforce Junior Consultant with a global IT consulting company. Our Salesforce squad works as a System Integrator, dedicated to non-profit Cloud and all related integrations. We have over 100 clients locally, nationally and internationally.


2. Why did you decide to train in Salesforce?


I’ve worked on capacity-building projects for many years where I‘ve helped build organisational structures, enhanced processes and improved overall effectiveness and efficiency in different departments. I believe that systems such as Salesforce are the new era of capacity building that can achieve exponential growth and bring success, especially in this age of data and technology.

3. How do you think K2 University’s training will benefit your career?


The K2 University program has opened doors to Salesforce capabilities outside of its CRM core. In the last two years, I’ve noticed a growing need for marketing tools within our clients and beyond. The program is the foundation for deeper Marketing Cloud specialization.


4. Now that you have completed the course, what do you hope to achieve in the future?


Marketing Cloud is my future Salesforce career path. I’m planning to get my Marketing Cloud Consultant certification to maximise the platform’s potential within my current organisation and boost success!

We’re passionate about giving people the opportunity to start successful careers in the technology industry. Developing the skills and knowledge of undiscovered talent and bringing them into the Salesforce ecosystem is at the core of K2 University’s mission.

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