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Press Release: Salesforce and K2 University join forces with Minha Chance to Develop Digital Skills for Public School Students

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London, UK – 09 June, 2021

Salesforce, a global leader in CRM, and K2 University, a global leader in technology training for professionals and a Trailhead Academy Authorised Training Provider are empowering the state government of São Paulo to improve the employability of students from Centro Paula Souza’s technical and vocational schools through the Minha Chance program. K2 University has partnered with Minha Chance to promote career development in developing Salesforce skills with learning content on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free online learning platform.

As part of Salesforce and K2 University’s efforts to increase diversity within the workplace, multiple programs have been set up across the world such as the Bring Women Back to Work program in Switzerland and wish to duplicate the success of such programs in Brazil. In this program one class is devoted to helping women who have left the workforce for a variety of reasons, to upskill into Salesforce and work for some of the world’s leading companies. Another class will be devoted to helping senior citizens also upskill into Salesforce, in a similar manner in partnership with Salesforce and Accenture. 

Some eight hundred students will go through more than 100 hours of training in technology skills that are in high demand, using Trailhead as well as advice and coaching provided by K2 University. The course will help students gain the skills they need to become Salesforce admins, developers and marketing professionals. According to research by IDC, the Salesforce Economy will create 300,000 new jobs and add $49 billion in new business revenue to the Latin American region between 2018 and 2024.

“The Salesforce Economy is continuously growing, and career opportunities related to our solutions are among the most sought after for the future,” says Fabio Costa, general manager at Salesforce in Brazil. “By empowering K2 University in its partnership with Minha Chance to help those students, we are also helping fill the talent gap of the technology industry and setting a higher knowledge standard with these young professionals to be successful anywhere.”

Once the four-month course is complete, Minha Chance will join forces with Salesforce and K2 University to help the students connect to job opportunities by introducing them to companies in São Paulo.

Applications for the program will start in June 14th 2021.

Companies also benefit from Minha Chance

Although the program is aimed at students from Centro Paula Souza’s vocational and technical schools, they are not the only ones who will benefit from it. Companies also gain a lot by hiring well-trained professionals.

“K2 University is delighted to be involved in this program helping students learn the skills they need to start rewarding careers working in the Salesforce ecosystem. Alongside our existing Net New Talent programs that introduce new talent into the tech market, this project will provide companies with the skills they need to deliver their vital digital transformation strategies. So it is with great pleasure that we offer our expertise to Minha Chance to help with this fantastic project”, comments Mauricio Schorsch, Director for Education – K2 University EMEA & Brazil for K2 University.

Furthermore, data from Accenture research shows that having well-trained entry-level employees or helping develop them helps companies with turnover rates, increased productivity, attraction of other top-level talents and much more.

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