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Salesforce Success Story: Alessia Rainero

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This blog series focuses on the stories behind some of K2 University’s Salesforce students, highlighting a bit about their background; what they were doing before taking the course, their thoughts about how the course went and their future career plans. We sat down with Alessia Rainero to chat about her experience with K2 University and everything Salesforce.



What is your background?

I’m a Ph.D. student in molecular genetics


Why did you decide to start a career in Salesforce?

I was searching for employment in my field of study and was sure that I didn’t want to stay in the Academic field, due to the lack of possibilities, so I started searching in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields. Looking at the requirements on Linkedin and other job sites, I decided to improve my CV by completing a masters course in quality control management systems and after that, I also attended the Salesforce course, in order to appeal to more companies.


How did you manage to transition to Salesforce?

I had a conversation about Salesforce with Luca Manera and about the possibility to start a career in it, I asked about the program, which I found very interesting. Since I’m passionate about computers, I decided to open up my possibilities by learning the use of this CRM platform.


How did you prepare for your certification?

Firstly, I attended the K2 University online course for ADM201 Salesforce Administration for New Admins, then I practiced and studied the theory by taking notes on the Trailhead playground. My classmates and I also decided to open a WhatsApp group to communicate with each other, resolve questions about the course, and also to study together by comparing the answers of the online quiz.


How do you see your future as a certified Salesforce consultant?

I hope I will be able to learn as much as possible with my tutor and hope to be a good student too. I also hope to become a great consultant and I really like the idea of travelling around the world and meeting different customers, maybe one day I’ll also become an instructor since I like to share my experience and help other people.


What is your current job about and how did you find it?

Thanks to K2 University I got in touch with an IT consulting company and following an interview, I discovered that they wanted me….that day! I was the happiest person ever! I am glad to have found someone who gave me the chance to get involved in a project and to show off who I am and my capabilities.

Overall, I’m really happy, I’m looking forward to starting and I’ll give it my all to reach the best results for me and also for the company that believed in me!

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Alessia is a PhD graduated student who recently obtained her first Salesforce certification through K2 University and is about to start her first role as an SFDC junior consultant.

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