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Salesforce Success Story: April Rust, Salesforce Certified Administrator

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K2 University has helped many budding Salesforce Admins and Developers excel in their Salesforce careers.

This blog series focuses on the stories behind some of K2 University’s Salesforce Trailblazers, highlighting a bit about their background; what they were doing before taking the course, their thoughts about how the course went and their future career plans.

This month we spoke to April Rust, a Salesforce Business Analyst now Certified Administrator located in Florida, USA. April attended two of K2 University’s Salesforce exam preparation courses; both for the Salesforce Admin – ADM201 and the Salesforce Advanced Admin – ADM211.

Find out a bit more about April’s story:


1) What is your professional background?

Well, I’ve only been out of university for about three years, so that said, most of my work experience has been in customer-service roles and also having dabbled in the education sector, teaching English as a foreign language to European/South American professionals.

Before taking the K2 University course, I didn’t have any hands-on Salesforce experience beyond training in a Developer Organisation or with Trailhead.


2) Why did you decide to take a Salesforce course with K2 University?

In order to continue with the hiring process with a company I was hoping to work at, I needed to pass the Salesforce Admin Exam. I was very much drawn to having personalized attention from the instructors; I learn more in the context of a conversation with a trained instructor, so the option to have continued support was very attractive to me.


3) Which K2 University course(s) did you take and how did it go?

So far, I have taken two courses with K2 University: the Exam Prep 6-hour courses for both ADM201 and ADM211 (Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Advanced Admin). I enjoyed both courses, and think the instructors did a great job of not only preparing us for the exam, but also preparing us to implement the new knowledge and skills in our careers; it’s very helpful to have a skilled professional advise you on Salesforce Best Practices.


4) How has taking the course changed your career with Salesforce?

Having a certified Salesforce instructor as a resource greatly assisted me in passing the Salesforce Certified Admin exam; additionally, I was able to build a relationship with the instructor and have a life-long contact who is beyond competent in the Salesforce world.


5) What is next for you in your career?

It has been a few months now since passing the Salesforce Admin Exam, and I am happily working as a Business Analyst at the only platinum-level Salesforce partner in Florida; I look forward to developing my skills and contributing to my team here 🙂 Thanks, K2!


April Rust, Salesforce Business Analyst now Certified Administrator from Florida, USA.




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