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Salesforce Winter ’24 Release: five game-changing features

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The Salesforce Winter ’24 release has arrived, bringing a host of transformative features for administrators, developers, and all Salesforce users.

What are the main changes you need to know about? We’ve summarized five of them below in a bite-sized guide to the Winter ‘24 updates.

1. Smoother user experience with Reactive Screens in Flow

Reactive Screen components in Flow are now available in beta with the Salesforce Winter ’24 release. These components provide Salesforce administrators and developers with the capability to craft compelling experiences within Flow. Reactive Screens enhance the Salesforce user experience by enabling real-time adaptation of content, eliminating the need for constant page loading. This not only saves development time through the reuse of building blocks but also enhances user convenience by minimizing clicks.

2. Generate flows by leveraging external data sources

The recently introduced Transform Element in Flow Builder simplifies the merging and customization of information from diverse sources. This user-friendly solution enables record updates without the need for programming skills, thereby reducing manual data entry. Additionally, it facilitates the creation of automated processes that can retrieve information not directly stored in Salesforce.

3. Easier creation of custom error messages in the Salesforce Winter ’24 Release

Within record-triggered flows, you now have the ability to define and showcase custom error messages. You can determine the display location of the message(s), either in a modal window on the page and/or as inline errors associated with specific fields. This new functionality provides an alternative in record-triggered flows, eliminating the need to create new validation rules in Object Setup. Moreover, it allows the exposure of multiple errors within a single element.

4. Identify permissions more quickly

The migration from profiles to permissions is gaining speed. In its Salesforce Winter ’24 release, the platform has streamlined the process of quickly identifying the characteristics of a permission set. When navigating the Setup menu and examining a permission set, a new View Summary option is now available. Clicking on this new button will display a concise, single-page summary of the permissions conferred by the permission set, categorized into User Permissions, Object Permissions, and Field Permissions.

5. Finding components is more straightforward in Experience Builder

Experience Builder has implemented synchronized interactions between the canvas and the Page Structure panel, streamlining the task of finding and selecting individual components. This improvement ensures a more seamless and user-friendly site editing experience across all LWR (Lightning Web Runtime) sites. When you click on a component within the Page Structure panel of any LWR site, Experience Builder automatically scrolls the canvas to unveil the component and opens its property panel. Conversely, clicking a component on the canvas triggers Experience Builder to scroll the Page Structure panel, showcasing the selected component there.

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