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SAP Learning Hub Solution Editions – Part One


Being equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge is key for taking your SAP career to the next level. By becoming proficient in your area of expertise, you will gain the skills you need to drive businesses’ SAP success and maximize their ROI. This will help you stand out from the crowd as a highly desirable candidate.

SAP Learning Hub’s Solution Editions allow IT professionals to build and maintain their SAP proficiency in their particular modules. There are eight solution areas, each of which can accelerate your knowledge in key areas of SAP’s digital learning suite. Participants can adapt their training to their individual learning styles. Each Solution Edition offers 12 months access to training tools such as:

  • E-learning courses for self-paced learning
  • E-books
  • Social learning forums
  • Access to SAP training systems for hands-on practice

As an official training and enablement partner of SAP, K2 University offers market-leading training to help professionals gain the skills they need to succeed. Our SAP Learning Launchpad offers the world’s most comprehensive training solutions for independent SAP professionals. One of its numerous benefits is a year-long subscription to SAP Learning Hub, where the Solution Edition kits can be accessed.

Here is a summary of four of the SAP Learning Hub Solution Editions. Keep an eye out for part two of this blog series, in which we shall be examining the remaining four solution areas.


This Solution Edition is designed for SAP professionals such as consultants, administrators, developers and those involved in SAP software implementation or deployment. 

It is suitable for those who wish to become competent in S/4HANA. Equally, this edition is a great choice for professionals looking to develop more advanced skills in the business functions and applications within the S/4HANA Cloud.

The kit contains Learning Journeys for each of the following SAP S/4HANA Cloud domains:

  • Sales and Manufacturing 
  • Software Development 
  • Procurement
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Customer experience management
  • Human capital management
  • Supply chain
  • Finance

Internet of Things (IoT) Kit

Ranging from Supply Chain to Asset Management, the IoT kit is the first choice for those looking to accelerate and maintain proficiency in IoT and digital supply chain solutions. 

By undertaking the IoT kit’s training, professionals will benefit from managing existing IT environments and drive organizations’ digital transformation. Upskilling will empower them to further their careers by managing and training project teams. 

HR / People Engagement Kit

SAP’s HR / People Engagement kit allows professionals to improve their knowledge of a range of vital HR subjects, such as compensation, onboarding, workforce planning and more. 

Upskilling in these areas will empower HR employees to offer optimal management and training. They will be able to improve business operations by streamlining core HR and payroll processes, as well as ensuring legal and corporate compliance.

Finance Kit

By undertaking the Finance kit training, attendees will upskill in vital areas in the finance industry. They will become proficient in financial and management accounting (SAP S/4HANA) and content for SAP ERP, treasury management, financial operations and compliance risks for finance.

The Finance kit is a great choice for professionals involved in implementation, deployment and ongoing enablement, including LoB Finance Managers, business process owners, SAP professionals and technical consultants.

The SAP Learning Hub Solution Editions are a great way to keep your skills and knowledge sharp. Independent learning will help you boost your career development and make you an asset to any organization that wants to boost its digital transformation.  

Find out more about K2 University’s SAP Learning Launchpad, which includes a 12-month subscription to the Learning Hub. 

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