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Taking careers to the next level with a Salesforce certification – Jobelle Belgar

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It’s important to showcase the talented people who unlock their potential in the Salesforce ecosystem with K2 University’s world-class training. 

In September 2022, Focus on Force became part of the K2 group. Since then, we’ve been able to increase and widen our impact upon the Salesforce ecosystem by upskilling more people and enabling them to get Salesforce certified

We want to demonstrate how our training has given professionals the opportunity to fulfill their professional goals. This month we’re recognizing Jobelle Belgar, a full-time Salesforce System Administrator/Product Owner for Melita Group, and her experience with gaining her certifications.

How did you get started with Salesforce?

I graduated in 2016 with a degree in Electronics Engineering. I wasn’t able to practice engineering because I didn’t have time to study and take the licensure exam in the Philippines because I needed to support my family as soon as I could. After graduation, I immediately applied to different jobs and got a job as a Salesforce Tech Support Engineer. 

I went to a six-month boot camp, and took my first three certifications in that same year. There I saw not just one but multiple opportunities for career growth in Salesforce. The rest is history!

What were your goals when starting work in the Salesforce ecosystem?

To be honest, I wanted to retire before I reached 40 and just enjoy life! Having said that, my main goal is to grow professionally so that I can offer important value to my employer, its employees and clients. If I’m able to provide value, then I’ll earn more bucks to fund my life goal.

Which certification/s did you gain through Focus on Force?

I used Focus on Force when I studied for Service Cloud Consultant and Business Analyst. With Focus on Force’s Service Cloud and Business Analyst study guides and practice exams, I was able to pass the certification with flying colors.

Would you say that your 6 certifications have improved your career?

For me, certifications are a proof of my competency and a tangible result of my efforts, years of experience and learning. The certifications add to my confidence. Of course being certified does not end with just passing the exam. Being a certified Salesforce professional means I can continuously gain knowledge and contribute to the success of my organization and its clients by using my learnings to leverage Salesforce.

Did you find the Service Cloud Consultant and Business Analyst certification exams more challenging?

I found Service Cloud more challenging because there were specific features or tools that you needed to know in order to pass the exam. Unlike Business Analyst, I did have a little experience doing business analysis so that’s why it was easier for me.

How do you keep motivated?

To keep myself motivated, I create a plan. For example, I list down all the certifications that will be relevant to the role that I want to do. I set the date for when I will take the exams. So I then create a study plan. Also, very importantly, I make sure that I integrate my work and my personal life because your loved ones can sometimes give you energy to work on your goals even when demotivated.

What advice do you have for those preparing for their own Salesforce certifications?

I want to share just four points — very short and brief advice. First, don’t overthink. Second, always choose the best answer. Third, learn the concept and its applications. Last, but not the least, use Focus on Force!

Watch the full interview with Jobelle!

If you’re a professional who wants to boost your career with in-demand Salesforce skills and certifications, visit the Focus on Force website

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