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The Road to Becoming a Salesforce App Developer

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In the first half of 2020, there were 74,000+ Salesforce developer jobs posted on LinkedIn. With such a high level of demand, Salesforce developers can command higher wages than many of their peers, working at some of the largest companies in the world and allowing them to specialise in one of the largest CRMs in the market. 

Salesforce app developers help organizations to customize their Salesforce solutions to meet their digital transformation needs, helping to automate tasks, create custom functions or integrate Salesforce into other solutions. The options are endless as a Salesforce developer, whether you prefer to work freelance with each project presenting a new and exciting challenge or join an in-house team at some of the largest companies in the world

If you are interested in joining one of the in-demand roles on the planet, here’s our step by step guide of how to become an officially certified Salesforce app developer: 

Start with the basics

While you don’t need to know any previous coding languages, JavaScript does help! However, the most important thing is that you already have familiarity with the Salesforce platform, therefore you should take the foundational Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX201) course to get you up to speed. 

Embark on the Trail!

There are a number of Trailmixes on the Salesforce Trailhead, the first stop when you wish to pick up some of the basics of Salesforce. Trailhead is an online learning platform which contains self-study materials so you can learn at your own pace. If you want to get a taste of what it is like to be a Salesforce app developer before you sign up for your official certification course, check out this Declarative Development for Platform App Builders Prework Trailmix.

Sign up for an official course

If you enjoyed exploring the Trailmixes and now want to become officially certified as a Salesforce Platform App Developer, sign up for the offical Declarative Development for Platform App Builders (DEX 403). K2 University has certified instructors to guide you through the DEX 403 course to ensure you pass your certification exam. We offer virtual classes over a number of timezones so that you can learn from home. 

Pass your certification exam

After taking the course, K2 University will provide you with a free certification exam voucher allowing you to take the exam that allows you to be officially certified with Salesforce as an app developer. This certification is important as it acts as a guarantee to potential employers to your level of skill and that you are appropriately qualified to deal with the needs of Salesforce development. 

Try specialising further!

Now that you are officially certified after taking your  Declarative Development for Platform App Builders (DEX 403) course, why not consider some of the other courses after? The Programmatic Development Using Apex and Visualforce in Lightning Experience (DEX 450) course is a great next step, getting you started with the Apex programming language and Visualforce markup in order to customize your Salesforce applications.

If you are interested in becoming a Salesforce developer, get in touch now to find out more about how we can help you to increase your earning potential.

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