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What Does it Mean to be a Salesforce Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Provider? 

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Salesforce is the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform for enterprise businesses, with more than 150,000 customers globally. Thus the demand for Salesforce talent is high, with an estimated 4.2 million new jobs to be created within the ecosystem by 2022. In order to meet the need for professionals who are skilled in Salesforce’s wide range of products, Salesforce created the Trailhead Academy Authorized Training Providers (TAATP) program to aid in the creation of new talent within the ecosystem. 

The TAATP program partners with education providers to deliver official Salesforce training to aspiring Salesforce professionals and companies that need to upskill their employees. The partners enable Salesforce to deliver it’s courses in a far wider range of formats and languages, while Salesforce provides the materials and certifications to ensure that standards are met. 

Officially certified instructors are the backbone of the program, being embedded within the partner organizations to deliver the courses themselves. All of the instructors attend a special Salesforce instructor program and are required to ensure their own certifications are up to date so that they can provide the most current classes and materials. This ensures that course attendees will easily pass their certification exams and transition smoothly into the Salesforce ecosystem and begin working on projects. 

Having a guiding hand while undergoing any sort of training makes a world of difference, and our K2 University instructors are all experts in the field, and best of all they know first hand since they had to undergo the same process as all of our students. 

K2 University is the sole TAATP for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Brazil. We are proud to be a partner to Salesforce in helping individuals upskill in the number one CRM in the world. Our administration, marketing and development courses are delivered online by certified instructors who deliver the classes in a variety of languages. 

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