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Why Being a Certified Freelance IT Consultant is Important

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I often speak to IT consultants who are not certified and truly believe that they don’t need to be. I’d say that it’s mostly because they don’t feel motivated, or are lazy, maybe even scared of preparing and sitting an official exam.

As we continue to see a huge increase in the need for IT professionals and a rise in the number of configurators, system admin or developers, it’s becoming more and more important to validate your knowledge, especially when you’re job searching and competing in a market with hundreds of other candidates with a profile similar to yours. It’s important not just to have the correct experience and background but also be able to demonstrate one’s knowledge through certification.

By certification, I mean a globally recognized document that attests a status, position or level of achievement. To ensure the validity of the certification, this must be granted by authorities in the field, such as professional societies, universities, or in the IT world, a specific software corporation (for example SAP or Salesforce).

Certifications open doors to a better position and can be a great motivator for self-improvement and self-development. More and more often, it is also set as a mandatory requirement by an increasing number of IT hiring managers and, most importantly, standard criteria for candidates among recruiters.

Being certified proves to your employer that you possess the expertise necessary and are qualified for a certain position. More importantly, it signals that you are willing to expand your knowledge or keep it updated. Also, because certified consultants contribute to and increase a company’s efficiency, productivity and profit-making capacity, certifications should be a great asset for every company.

In fact, companies actually prefer to take on certified professionals as this helps them to become better partners and get more project opportunities. Salesforce, in particular, has set out a specific partnership criterion which is dependant on the number of certified employees in an organization. The higher the number of certified people, the better the partnership. The better the partnership, the higher the number of projects obtained.

At K2 Partnering Solutions, we well know the importance of certification especially in the world of SAP and Salesforce consultants. Through K2 University, we provide access to official training packages that always include exam vouchers and platform access to ensure you can get all the training you need to qualify and get that certification!


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