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My big career pivot: Leaving nursing for a Salesforce Business Analyst role

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Nathalia Bassi’s career is proof that you don’t need an IT background to succeed as a Salesforce Business Analyst. Nathalia was working as a nursing assistant in a São Paulo hospital when she decided to get Salesforce certified and change the course of her career. 

In this interview, Nathalia – who now works for K2 – explains the reality of life as a Salesforce Business Analyst (BA) and reveals why relationship-building is as crucial as technical skills.

How did you start out as a Salesforce Business Analyst?

I transitioned from nursing to IT and got a role as a Salesforce BA because I really enjoyed working with systems and guiding users. This career move solidified my passion for technology and translating requirements into user-centric solutions.

What made you join K2?

After getting my first Salesforce job, I moved to K2 Partnering Solutions as I was aware of the company’s strong reputation in Salesforce, and I’d heard positive feedback from employees. Since joining in 2021, I’ve taken advantage of mentorship, which has guided me toward becoming a senior BA.

What does your current Salesforce Business Analyst job involve?

My week involves meetings with stakeholders, gathering requirements, and conducting discovery sessions to understand user needs. I then translate these insights into user stories, facilitating collaboration between development and test teams.

What do you love most about the job?

Collaborating as a team to implement new features and getting client satisfaction with our deliveries is immensely gratifying.

Which aspect of your role do you find most challenging?

The most challenging aspect is aligning client needs with system capabilities to deliver optimal solutions. As a Salesforce Business Analyst, I need to understand both the business side and the technical side.

What skills are vital for success as a Business Analyst?

Building strong relationships is crucial for establishing trust and communication with clients. Additionally, playing as a team ensures alignment with designers, developers, testers, and project managers, facilitating successful solution delivery. Being a Salesforce Business Analyst also demands strong analytical and elicitation skills for effective problem-solving and solution delivery.

Please provide some career advice to someone just starting out as a Salesforce Business Analyst

Cultivate curiosity: Explore the system you work on, understanding the roles of each stakeholder. It’s essential to take a holistic approach to address user needs effectively.

Learn things beyond your immediate responsibilities: understand developer perspectives and system capabilities, test out recommendations from your team, and acquire scrum master skills to equip yourself to find better, more comprehensive solutions.

What are your career goals over the long term?

I aim to further refine my skills, contribute to innovative projects, and potentially take on leadership roles within the business analysis field.

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