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Would you Make a Great Salesforce Instructor?

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Once you have your Salesforce certification, the options are endless on what you can do, ranging from working in house for some of the largest organisations in the world or striking out as a freelancer, enjoying the benefits of flexible work. If you are really passionate about Salesforce and relish in the problem-solving nature of your role, and want to share that with others, why not become a Salesforce instructor?

Salesforce instructors are a vital part of the Salesforce ecosystem, with the ecosystem expected to reach 4.2 million new Salesforce roles by 2024, the demand for officially certified professionals is huge. Salesforce instructors use their knowledge and teaching skills to train prospective talent in a variety of different Salesforce solutions so that students can become officially certified. We sat down with our certified Salesforce instructors to find out what they enjoy about their role:

The Salesforce community is a great place to meet like-minded people, the Ohana spirit fosters a strong sense of collaboration where people get together to help solve problems. Before he became an instructor, Luca Manera, found that his favourite thing about working with Salesforce was the problem-solving nature of his work. Once he became an instructor he found that his problem-solving skills came into their own as every student likes to learn in a different way. Each day meeting new people and planning new classes to ensure they are informative and entertaining for his students, is his favourite part of the day.

That eureka moment when a student understands a difficult concept is a favourite for Aleix Vila:

“What I enjoy the most about being an instructor, is being able to change people’s minds about themselves, when they don’t believe they can understand concepts or perform some technical tasks. I like to see that “click” in their eyes, I explain a concept in a relatable way and suddenly things make sense for them.”

For Leonardo Barbosa, an enjoyable part of his role is when his students receive their certifications: “I love that moment when one of my students is certified, the options for where they can go are endless. The great thing about Salesforce is that anyone can get involved!” 

To power this growth there is a large requirement for Salesforce instructors to fill all of these roles. In fact, the need for Salesforce instructors is so great that many regions of the world still lack native-speaking trainers, our own Aleix Vila was the first instructor to be certified in Spain! 

If you are passionate about something, the greatest reward is showing other people why you enjoy it! We are always on the lookout for experienced professionals who live and breathe Salesforce. If you are interested in becoming an instructor, reach out to us.

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