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How Machine Learning is Taking RPA to the Next Level

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is here to stay. It is continuously improving the way we work and has a market size that is expected to reach $3.97 billion by 2025. By utilizing RPA, businesses relieve their workforce of mundane tasks that take up valuable time. This...

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The Four Phases of an RPA Implementation

So, your organisation has decided to implement an RPA robot. After careful consideration, it has been decided to automate a process that contains a high level of predictive, repetitive activity with structured data that traditionally has been handled by an employee or...

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The RPA Revolution

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is revolutionising the way we work. As it becomes more widespread, its potential to become a standard part of business life is becoming a reality, which has resulted in a great amount of business investment. In 2018, the RPA market...

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Cloud Drives SAP Q2 Growth

Cloud revenue drove SAP’s latest results as the software giant outperformed analysts predictions in Q2 2018. This represents growth of 4% year over year, with cloud subscriptions and support revenues in particular rising by 30%. This marks the ever growing trend as...

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