Launching Salesforce Careers into the Stratosphere

No one can deny that having one or more Salesforce certifications is an important asset when it comes to finding a job. Is that enough to find a role that kickstarts a rewarding, fast-paced career in the Salesforce ecosystem though?

We would say that in the modern, ultra-competitive world, just being Salesforce certified isn’t enough to get noticed by the very best employers. 

That’s why K2 University has created a brand new program – the Salesforce Career Launchpad. It’s our way of developing the most in-demand new Salesforce subject matter experts. They will have the practical experience and soft skills companies need from the people who will drive digital transformation for their business.

There are no prerequisites to participate in the Salesforce Career Launchpad. All you need is a passion for technology and a hunger to succeed. In just 10 weeks, we will equip you with everything you need to become some of the most in-demand professionals on the market. 

First of all, you’ll earn three official Salesforce certifications in system administration, development and business analysis. That’s your first step to showing that they have a solid understanding of the Salesforce platform and its functionalities. Next, you’ll take official agile methodology training that applies to one of two routes you can take in the Salesforce Career Launchpad – Functional Consultant or Technical Consultant. At the end of this chapter of the program, you’ll gain the most relevant soft and power skills to help you drive projects within agile teams. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the participants get hands-on experience. You’ll gain this vital set of skills thanks to working on real-life implementation challenges, starting with beginner-level scenarios followed by intermediate challenges and finally advanced challenges. The result is that you’ll get the equivalent of 18 months’ worth of practical experience by the end of the program.

Three certifications, teamed with a year and a half’s worth of practical experience and key soft skills, result in well-rounded, capable professionals who have all the expertise to drive mission-critical projects for top businesses. 

The Salesforce Career Launchpad isn’t just a training program. It’s the answer to launching exceptional careers and sourcing the brightest new stars of the Salesforce ecosystem. Find out more by visiting our website.

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Ottilie Wood

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