Meet the new Salesforce Talent we are Training in Brazil

At the beginning of March 2021, we launched the latest of our Net New Talent programs, designed to hire, train and deploy new Salesforce professionals. K2 hired six professionals from a variety of backgrounds, all of whom had a desire to start a new career as a Salesforce professional. Over the next 12 months, they will become important members of K2’s team of Salesforce Developers and Business Analysts. 

The new intake of talent is currently being trained by the K2 University team who, through world-class teaching with official Salesforce course content, help professionals transition to high-demand Salesforce technologies, get Salesforce certified and start working on innovative projects.

This Net New Talent cohort is a notable milestone as the process has integrated K2’s recruitment and education solutions alongside our talent acquisition team to grow talent in-house for the Salesforce ecosystem. We are also increasingly using this hire-train-deploy methodology with our clients as a way for them to boost their workforce readiness in areas where there are skill shortages on the market.  

From the first day of the 12-week immersive training program, the new associates have been involved with real K2 projects. An important part of the program is that the participants can apply everything they learn in the courses to real-life projects. The team will be trained and certified in Admin ADX201, Developer DEX403 and DEX450 courses, giving them valuable skills, knowledge and hands-on experience with Salesforce solutions as well as coaching in soft skills and agile methodologies.

Mauricio Schorsch, K2 University’s Sales Director of Brazil, commented:

“We believe that by providing valuable training to this new intake of talent they will have the necessary business and technical skills to deliver high-quality work for K2. We will also be making a fantastic contribution to the Salesforce ecosystem as a whole.”

Meet the Net New Talent participants:

“With a varied professional background, I joined K2’s Net New Talent program because I wanted to transition into a career in technology. I want to make a career at K2, rising through the ranks so that I’ll be able to repay this incredible opportunity that has been given to me.”

Carolina Bassi


“The Net New Talent program is just amazing. Having the opportunity to learn while working with specialists in a leading global company, just seems to be the perfect way to start my IT career.”

Guilherme Rodrigues


“The world is changing faster than we ever could have imagined. I recently started to ask myself why I was not taking advantage of this and becoming part of the new way of working? Since then I discovered K2 and this great opportunity to become part of its Net New Talent program. I can now make my dream become a reality and restart my  professional life.”

Willian Sassi

“While I already have a little bit of experience, nothing compares to working on bigger, international projects with K2. The Net New Talent program is really what I hoped it would be. A place where I can build on my current skills and knowledge of the Salesforce platform so that I can forge a successful career as a Salesforce Developer.”

Gabriel Bonfirm Zoppello

“I loved the idea that K2 cares about training and qualifying its employees. I want to absorb everything I learn and get more and more involved in K2’s and Salesforce’s processes. My aim is to be a good employee so that K2 can use my abilities to solve all kinds of problems.”

Pedro Henrique Capucho


K2 University’s Net New Talent program offered an opportunity that I had not ever seen on the market. In the middle of a pandemic, it felt like a dream! I really like the people at K2 and their motivation. It was wonderful when Fernanda called me saying, “yes”. It was a unique moment and the best news of the year.”

Hélio Saraiva

This is an important chapter in K2’s business development. We are very proud to combine the K2 University and K2 Partnering Solutions capabilities to boost the talent in the Salesforce ecosystem.

As a trusted strategic partner to Salesforce, K2 University is committed to training and hiring the next generation of Salesforce professionals. Read more about how we are partnering with the organization to provide employment and education solutions for its Pathfinder Program.

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