The Simple Path to Salesforce Talent

Grow your own Salesforce talent with K2 University

Are you struggling to find the right Salesforce talent for your organisation? The demand for Salesforce professionals has never been higher,  get your interns officially certified in Salesforce with K2 University, or K2 can source high calibre interns and train them. The K2 University Net New Talent Program will help you develop the right talent in-house, saving on costs and fostering skilled and well-motivated employees. 

By certifying your interns as Salesforce Administrators or Developers they can help you to meet your organisation’s talent demands faster and more cost effectively.

Our official courses take place throughout the year offering you a rapid pipeline of talent to empower your organisation’s digital transformation.

Please get in touch if you wish to find out more about how K2 University can help you.

“K2 is a key partner supporting the ambitious growth of my Salesforce practice. The team has helped me greatly to lay the technical foundation for new talent. The training offerings are flexible to my needs and are highly professional, which is proven by the high certification exam pass rate of my consultants.”


Markus Spillner

Manager of Competence Centre Salesforce, Adesso

About K2 University

K2 University is the exclusive Salesforce Trailhead Academy Authorised Training Provider in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and Brazil. We also train individuals around the world in high-demand Salesforce skills, such as courses for admins, developers, business users, marketers and other Salesforce users all taught by certified trainers.

K2 University is part of the K2 Partnering Group, with more than 20 years in the enterprise technology space. K2 works with software end-users and system integrators to ensure their employees have the skills to deliver today’s products efficiently and bring success to their businesses faster and more cost-effectively.

Salesforce Administrator and Developer Courses

Administrative Essentials in Lightning Experience (ADX201)

Extensive and interactive, Administrative Essentials in Lightning Experience is the core training that ensures your success with Salesforce Lightning.

It’s a must for new administrators, and we recommend completing this course before starting a Salesforce deployment or when taking over an existing deployment.

Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins in Lightning Experience (ADX 211)

Comprehensive and hands-on, this course is for administrators who are ready to significantly ramp up their skills and knowledge about using Salesforce to solve their most pressing business needs. Using real-world scenarios, Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins covers topics such as extending Salesforce with custom objects and apps, generating complex reports and dashboards, and automating complex business processes to help you work more efficiently and get more out of Salesforce.

Declarative Development for Platform App Builders in Lightning Experience (DEX402)

Are you ready to move beyond Salesforce administration to unlock even greater capabilities through declarative programming?

Master Salesforce’s suite of click-not-code options for developing valuable apps and functionality over five days of guided scenarios, lectures, and discussion. Build your knowledge of app deployment, automation tools, security, UI customization, and more!

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