K2 University - Salesforce Talent Alliance

Hosting a Fellow

The Salesforce Talent Alliance Fellowship is a partnership between Salesforce and K2 to provide job seekers from diverse backgrounds with an opportunity to gain hands-on work experience, fostering career growth and development in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

The Fellowship is focused on providing professional development and work experience opportunities to those who self-identify as Native American/Indigenous, Black/African American, Hispanic (including persons of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Central or South American descent), and/or multi-racial.

You can host candidates for a 12-week, paid virtual Fellowship. As Salesforce is funding this Fellowship, there is no cost to your organization. Your commitment helps to build a more diverse ecosystem while augmenting your workforce & talent pipeline with Salesforce-certified talent.

To express your interest in a future fellowship contact the K2 University talent alliance team at k2utalentalliance@k2partnering.com

FAQ: Learn More About Hosting a Fellow

Why should you participate?

Participation allows you to highlight your organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion while expanding your talent pool. The fellowship will connect you with diverse, certified candidates and handle all of the logistics of the fellowship, including payroll and benefits.

Is there a cost to host a fellow?

Salesforce is funding this fellowship, there is no cost to employers or job seekers to participate in the program.

What are the employer eligibility requirements?

To participate in the program, you must be a Salesforce Partner in the US and able to support a remote fellow for 12 weeks with meaningful hands-on work in a Salesforce org.

Where are the fellows located?

The fellows are in the USA and will work 100% remotely.

How will companies be paired with fellows?

Potential candidates and hosts will first be screened by K2 to share details about the program and ensure best fit. Host companies will then have the opportunity to interview candidates of interest. Following interviews, fellowship placements will be made based on the preferences of both the host and candidates.

What happens at the end of the Fellowship?

If the host company has an open role that fits the fellow’s skills, the host may extend an offer to the fellow. Alternatively, we will connect the fellow to a variety of employment resources and open opportunities.

Who is K2?

K2 Partnering Solutions is a global leader in technology services. We provide highly consultative human capital management services to our clients and our specialization means we provide an unparalleled level of expertise in the enterprise applications space. Our training and enablement brand, K2 University, helps businesses innovate and become more agile and competitive by providing official technical, functional, and soft-skills training solutions to companies and independent professionals.

What is the Salesforce Talent Alliance?

The Salesforce Talent Alliance empowers and enables Salesforce ecosystem employers to bring new talent into the ecosystem, with a focus on building a diverse workforce that reflects the communities in which we live and work. Learn more & access additional resources.

I'm a candidate, where can I apply to be a fellow?

If you are interested in becoming a fellow, apply to be a Talent Alliance fellow