The Salesforce Talent Alliance Fellowship Program

The Salesforce Talent Alliance Fellowship is a partnership between Salesforce and K2 to provide job seekers with an opportunity to gain hands-on work experience, fostering career growth and development in the Salesforce Ecosystem.

This Fellowship offers a 12-week paid experience, which provides candidates from diverse backgrounds hands-on work experience, mentorship and professional connections.

Fellows are hosted by Salesforce partners and customers who are committed to growing their talent pipeline with strong, skilled and diverse talent. Through this fellowship, these companies are connected with Salesforce certified talent, and have an opportunity to highlight their organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.

K2 is the employer of record, and with Salesforce, will handle employment logistics including recruiting, payroll, and benefits, making this a seamless process for the candidates and host companies.

K2 University - Salesforce Talent Alliance

For Salesforce Partners and Customers

For Salesforce Certified Talent