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SAP Learning Hub, Professional Edition

Many of the world’s leading companies invest in SAP to create new efficient business processes and improve existing ones. How do you ensure continuous acceleration of the pace of innovation and change, while ensuring that your company maximises ROI of your SAP investment?

Success means empowering your workforce with the knowledge and skills they need to become proficient in your SAP systems. SAP Learning Hub is tailor-made to help you achieve this goal.

SAP Learning in the Cloud

  • Structured enablement through guided learning rooms
  • Access to SAP experts
  • Unlimited access to all learning content
  • On-demand learning, anytime, anywhere
  • The most cost-effective way to learn SAP software
  • Exam preparation for SAP software certification
  • World-class learning with a market leader

Why Your Business Needs SAP Learning Hub

Significant cost reduction per learner allows you to train your entire workforce on SAP software.

It simplifies the purchasing process to one transaction a year: no scheduling, no cancellations.

It brings all workers up-to-date on SAP solution knowledge, providing perpetual “classrooms” in the cloud and live training systems anytime, year-round.

It helps you empower your employees and reduce brain drain.

Looking for SAP Training for Freelancers?

Find out how K2 can help you learn while you earn with SAP Learning Hub.

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