SAP Learning Hub Solution Editions – Part Two

It is vital that organizations that make an SAP investment ensure their workforces are equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge. By enabling employees to become proficient in the latest technology, they will have the skills to drive businesses’ SAP success and maximize ROI.

SAP Learning Hub Solution Editions allow IT, professionals, to build and maintain their SAP proficiency. The eight solution areas boost professionals’ knowledge in key areas of SAP’s digital learning suite.

We previously examined four SAP Learning Hub Solution Editions in part one of this blog series. Here we are examining the remaining four solution areas:

Cloud and Data Platform Kit

Aimed at those who are looking to improve their knowledge of digital platforms, the Cloud and Data Platform kit include learning resources for the SAP Cloud Platform, the SAP HANA® platform, and other databases. 

By upskilling in this area, professionals will be equipped to significantly accelerate the onboarding process and software adoption of businesses.

Customer Experience Solutions Kit

The Customer Experience Solutions kit offers interactive guides about the integration and processes of the following areas:

  • Team building 
  • Commerce
  • Marketing 
  • Sales 
  • Service
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and digital core
  • Revenue 

By strengthening professionals’ capabilities in these sectors of business, organizations will be able to address their customers’ requirements more effectively.

Ariba LH Kit

SAP Ariba offers procurement and supply chain collaboration solutions to improve organizations’ efficiency. They can improve their B2B network by digitally collaborating with millions of suppliers and trading partners all around the world.

The Ariba LH kit gives professionals targeted training to help them learn more about procurement and network solutions, whether they would like to improve their competency or gain advanced skills. The kit offers comprehensive training in key areas ranging from supplier management and strategic sourcing to procurement and relationship management.

Analytics Kit

This edition includes interactive learning guides to improve professionals’ knowledge about important analytics solution areas. These include team building, business intelligence, predictive analytics and enterprise performance management.

Businesses rely on professionals that are skilled in analytics to gather and analyze vital data that will improve digital transformation. By upskilling in this area, employees will be able to better predict future outcomes for their organizations and optimize the value of digitalisation.

K2 University is an official training and enablement partner of SAP, delivering flexible, on-demand training to independent SAP professionals. Our SAP Learning Launchpad offers the world’s most comprehensive training solutions with a 12 month subscription to SAP Learning Hub. The Solution Edition kits can be accessed here and is the ideal solution to upskilling and futureproofing your workforce.

Investing in SAP learning for your workforce is key for digital transformation. Find out more about how you can benefit from equipping staff with the skills and knowledge they need to drive successful business outcomes.

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