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The Complete Training Solution for Independent SAP Consultants

SAP Learning Launchpad

The SAP Learning Launchpad from K2 University is the world’s most comprehensive training solution for independent SAP consultants. Upskill, keep your knowledge current and get certified in the fast-moving SAP ecosystem.

Launchpad provides interactive and practical SAP learning including a 12-month subscription to SAP Learning Hub, plus access to a host of support resources, exclusive content, career opportunities, benefits and rewards.

What’s included in the K2 University SAP Learning Launchpad:

  • A 12-month subscription to SAP Learning Hub
  • Individual SAP Learning Hub onboarding
  • Personalized learning journeys to keep your knowledge current
  • Preparation for certification
  • Interactive learning rooms with exclusive K2 University content
  • Best practice processes for the “model SAP company” in our private learning room
  • Premium access to the K2 Konnect tech community
  • Soft skills and business skills training
  • Peer-to-peer networking and knowledge sharing
  • Be part of K2’s bench of independent SAP consultants, the largest in the world
  • Get introduced to SAP projects

Make sure your SAP certifications are up to date

SAP now requires you to use SAP Learning Hub Professional Edition to maintain your product knowledge and renew your S/4HANA, SuccessFactors and Ariba certifications. Don’t risk losing your certification, contact us below to discuss your options.

Next S/4HANA Delta Assessment Deadline

This certification has already ocurred. Contact us for new dates.

Mandatory for the following S/4HANA certifications:

SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Asset Management Implementation
SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Finance Implementation
SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Manufacturing Implementation
SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Procurement Implementation
SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Professional Services Implementation
SAP S/4HANA Cloud – Sales Implementation

Next SuccessFactors Delta Assessment Deadline

This certification has already ocurred. Contact us for new dates.

All SuccessFactors certifications require you to take the Delta Assessments.

Next Ariba Delta Assessment Deadline

This certification has already ocurred. Contact us for new dates.

Mandatory for the following Ariba certifications:

C_ARCON – SAP Ariba Contracts
C_ARP2P – SAP Ariba Procurement
C_ARSOR – SAP Ariba Sourcing
C_ARSUM – SAP Ariba Supplier Management

Retrain for The Cloud

Why Learn SuccessFactors?

SuccessFactors is the global provider of a cloud-based human capital management application suite that integrates onboarding, social business and collaboration tools, a learning management system (LMS), performance management, recruiting and applicant tracking software, talent management, and HR analytics. Since its acquisition by SAP, growth in the SuccessFactors client base as boosted demand for SuccessFactors skills.

SuccessFactors training content in K2 SAP Learning Hub

  • 425 different titles related to SuccessFactors
  • 194 e-learning courses
  • 39 handbooks
  • 13 learning rooms
  • 6 learning maps

Why learn SAP Mobile Platform?

SAP Mobile Platform is a mobile enterprise application platform designed to simplify the process creating applications that integrate business data with mobile devices. Developers using the platform are able to market their apps in an exclusive store that has more than 200,000 customers.

SAP Mobile training content in K2 SAP Learning Hub

  • 200 different titles related to SAP Mobile
  • 45 e-learning course
  • 13 handbooks
  • 46 learning maps
  • 1 learning rooms

SAP Mobile certifications

  • C_SAPWMGR_62 SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Work Manager for SAP 6.2 Development
  • C_SMPADM_23 Appl.Associate – SAP Mobile Platform Native and Hybrid Appl.Administration (SMP 2.3)
  • C_SMPNHB_23
    Dev.Associate – SMP Hybrid and Native Mobile Application Developer (SMP 2.3)

Why Learn SAP Fiori & UX & Design Thinking?

SAP Fiori allows you to personalize and simplify the user experience of SAP applications, delivering a consumer-grade UX to solutions such as SAP S/4HANA, Ariba Mobile, and Hybris Cloud for Customer.

Training in SAP Fiori & UX & Design Thinking using K2 SAP Learning Hub

Titles range across all major design topics, from Design Thinking to SAP user experience modules.

  • 621 different titles related to SAP Fiori, UX, Design Thinking
  • 147 e-learning titles
  • 57 handbooks
  • 15 learning rooms
  • 37 learning maps

Certification is not available in the cloud but is available locally in your country: C_SAPXIMP_20 SAP Certified Technology Associate – SAP Fiori Implementation and Configuration (Wave V)

Why learn SAP Business Objects?

SAP Business Objects (BO/BOBJ) is a suite of Business Intelligence applications for reporting, query and analysis, performance management and enterprise information management. Business users can view, sort and analyse business intelligence data through front-end applications.  

  • Extensive product suite to suit multiple business needs
  • Gain better insights into data to improve company efficiency

SAP Business Objects training content in K2 SAP Learning Hub

  • 1406 different titles related to SAP Business Objectives
  • 8 learning rooms
  • 98 learning maps
  • 108 handbooks
  • 328 e-learning courses

Titles range across all major Business Objects topics, from Business Intelligence and Universe Design to Access Control, Microsoft Office and Crystal Reports.

You can train for four certifications related to Business Objects.

Why Learn SAP HANA?

SAP HANA is an in-memory database platform that allows for smarter, faster and simpler processes. It provides a single source of truth so the quality and speed of extracting reports is increased, including from legacy systems.

  • Simplified IT environment, both on premise and in the cloud
  • Real-time insight of process transactions and analytics, as well as advanced analytical processing

SAP HANA training content in K2 SAP Learning Hub

302 titles in total (including openSAP courses):

  • 571 different titles related to SAP HANA
  • 96 e-learning courses
  • 28 handbooks
  • 37 learning maps
  • 8 learning rooms

Train for 24 different certifications related to SAP HANA.

Why learn S/4HANA?

S/4HANA is a next-generation comprehensive business suite running on the in-memory computing platform, SAP HANA. It offers real-time insights and improved user experience and is deployable in the cloud or on-premise. S/4HANA offers increased connectivity across different devices and includes SAP S4/HANA Finance (Simple Finance) and SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management (Simple Logistics).

S/4HANA training content in K2 SAP Learning Hub:

  • 863 different titles related to S/4HANA
  • 220 e-learning courses
  • 19 handbooks
  • 6 learning rooms

1 SAP Activate Project Manager certification

S/4HANA Finance training content in K2 SAP Learning Hub:

  • 191 different titles related to S/4HANA Finance
  • 29 e-Learning courses
  • 5 handbooks
  • 13 learning maps
  • 2 learning rooms

1 S/4HANA Finance Certification, available within the Certification Hub

S/4HANA Enterprise Management training content in K2 SAP Learning Hub:

  • 1883 different titles related to S/4HANA Enterprise Management
  • 370 e-Learning courses
  • 234 handbooks
  • 228 learning maps
  • 13 learning rooms

1 S/4HANA Enterprise Management Certification, due to be released to Certification Hub in Q3 2016

Why Learn SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is a cloud-based B2B marketplace where businesses of all sizes can connect to each other, from any application or device in order to buy, sell and manage their cash more efficiently. The Ariba Network is the world’s largest marketplace for business-to-business transactions, connecting more than two million companies and a trillion dollars in commerce each year.

SAP Ariba training content in the K2 SAP Learning Hub

  • 104 different titles related to SAP Ariba
  • 35 e-learning courses
  • 31 handbooks
  • 1 learning map
  • 2 learning rooms

Ariba Certification is available in the Certification Hub: Certified Application Associate – Ariba Procure-to- Pay (P2P)

Why Learn SAP Hybris?

Hybris is the world’s fastest growing omni-channel ecommerce platform which incorporates web, mobile and call center channels and uses master-data management to unify commercial processes. Hybris is a leader in the ecommerce business for retail, wholesale, fashion, manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance and travel industries.

SAP Hybris training in the K2 SAP Learning Hub

  • 157 different titles related to SAP Ariba
  • 38 e-learning courses
  • 23 handbooks
  • 2 learning rooms

Currently there are 3 certifications for Hybris, all of them available in the Certification Hub:

  • C_HYCBA_60 SAP Certified Associate – SAP Hybris Commerce Business Analyst 6.0
  • E_HYCPS_60 SAP Certified Product Support Specialist – SAP Hybris Commerce 6.0
  • P_HYCD_60 SAP Certified Development Professional – SAP Hybris Commerce 6.0 Developer

Why learn SAP Cloud for Customer?

SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) is the SAP cloud solution for marketing, sales and customer service. It is designed to help businesses increase sales effectiveness, respond better to customer requests and engage with them using social media channels.

SAP C4C training content in K2 SAP Learning Hub:

  • 52 different titles related to SAP C4C
  • 14 e-learning courses
  • 1 learning rooms

There are currently three certifications for Cloud for Customer, all of them available in the Certification Hub:

  • C_C4C10_2015 – SAP Certified Application Consultant – SAP Cloud for Customer
  • C_C4C30_2015 – SAP Certified Development Consultant – SAP Cloud for Customer
  • C_C4C50_2015 – SAP Certified Integration Associate – SAP Cloud for Customer

The K2 SAP Learning Hub includes content across the whole SAP portfolio, including the new releases. Subscribe today to gain access to some 3,500 courses, from ABAP, Netweaver and Integrated Business Planning to the traditional Logistics/Finance/Customer Relationship Management modules.


“Early 2016 I had just rolled off an 18-month oil & gas project, and the SAP market looking pretty bleak. There was this promise of S/4HANA but with very little exposure to SAP’s new product – it was difficult landing any project work. “On the recommendation of K2, I signed up for the SAP Learning Hub which prepared me for new challenges. The SAP Learning Hub offered through K2 contains just about every SAP training course there is and the audio/visual training content is delivered professionally and easy to understand. I consumed a number of training courses offered in the space of S/4HANA Finance which provided me with the tools and competitive advantage in landing desired project opportunities.”
Lennart Winqvist
S/4HANA Central Finance Architect, USA
“Learning Hub has helped me implement Simple Finance / SAP BPC Netweaver 10.1 successfully for the first time. I am currently on a Financial Consolidation project and it has been very useful for learning how to use BPC Netweaver 10.1 more efficiently. I’m using Learning Hub to get a certification in Simple Finance in the next month.”
J. Zuniga
SAP BPC BI Consultant
“Course coverage is very good and the same course is available in multiple formats. I can find all the courses I need, so it’s a one-stop learning solution and great for consultants to learn while working on projects.”
R. Porwal
SAP FI/CO Consultant
“The cost and benefits are excellent and the material is really high quality. I now understand HANA Modelling and Implementation really well even though I wasn’t a SAP Consultant. I am a BO, BI ETL developer.”
P. Rosales
BI ETL Developer

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