Training Solutions from K2 University

K2 University offers a variety of solutions to help organizations build world-class intelligent workforces that innovate faster and reduce costs.

Creating New Talent

Through our “Net New Talent” programs, K2 University works with underrepresented groups to reskill them and give them the work experience they need to fill talent gaps in the market.

Upskilling Your Workforce

K2 University draws on more than 20 years of experience in the enterprise technology sector to help businesses realize their digital transformation goals. We work with software end-users and system integrators to ensure their employees bring success to their businesses faster and more cost-effectively through bespoke training solutions.

For Individuals

The enterprise technology market is changing fast. K2 works with freelance enterprise software professionals to help you maintain your skills, transition to cloud technologies and get the certifications you need to succeed.

Graduate Training

K2 works with universities and graduates to maximize the employability of graduates by helping students get the specific skills they need to succeed in today’s digitally transformed enterprises.

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