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Our goal is to be the global leader in technology training for professionals.

Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM software and enterprise cloud ecosystem, helping businesses streamline their sales, service, marketing and other activities. K2 University is the only official Salesforce Trailhead Academy Authorised Training Provider in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and Brazil, offering classroom training courses for admins, developers, business users, marketers and other Salesforce users, all taught by certified trainers.


K2 University Clients

For Companies

As the leading global consultative staffing firm in the enterprise technology space, K2 works with software end-users and system integrators to ensure their employees have the skills to deliver today’s products efficiently and bring success to their businesses faster and more cost effectively.

For Universities

A Computer Science degree is no guarantee of a job when a student graduates.

K2 works with universities to maximise the employability of their graduates by helping students get the specific skills they need to succeed in today’s digitally transformed enterprises.


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For Individuals

The enterprise technology market is changing fast.

K2 works with the best enterprise software professionals to help them maintain their skills, transition to growth technologies and get the certifications they need to succeed.

What is the importance of a Salesforce certification?

  • Companies are looking for proven professionals
  • Companies who use certified cloud specialists see smoother deployments and better use of Salesforce
  • Getting certified enables an IT professional to contribute even more to your organization’s success

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