Keep Your SAP Skills up to Date

Need the SAP skills to tackle the ever-changing digital landscape? K2 University is a SAP Education partner and offers a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions for businesses and our unique SAP Learning Launchpad for independent consultants.

For Independent Consultants

The SAP Learning Launchpad from K2 University is the world’s most comprehensive training solution for independent SAP consultants. Upskill, keep your knowledge current and get certified in the fast-moving SAP ecosystem.

Launchpad provides interactive and practical SAP learning including a 12-month subscription to SAP Learning Hub, plus access to a host of support resources, exclusive content, career opportunities, benefits and rewards.

For Businesses

As an official SAP Training and Adoption partner, K2 University draws on more than 23 years of experience in the enterprise technology space to offer comprehensive and custom SAP training solutions to help businesses develop the SAP skills you need in-house.

With a consultative approach, we can help you to get the most out of your SAP investment, drive your digital transformation and achieve your business goals.

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