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Salesforce Einstein: A deep dive into 10 essential AI features

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Are you taking full advantage of Salesforce Einstein, the AI-powered platform Salesforce released back in 2016? Salesforce Einstein products are designed to make AI accessible to users at all levels of expertise. The AI is incorporated into various Salesforce applications, allowing users to benefit from intelligent insights without the need for a deep understanding of complex algorithms.

Salesforce has launched numerous products over the past seven years that have transformed the way businesses engage with their data, customers, and processes. This year, the launch of Einstein Copilot injected generative AI capabilities into the platform

Let’s take a look at the Salesforce Einstein features that you need to know about.

Key AI advantages of Salesforce Einstein

1. Einstein Copilot

Launched at Salesforce in September, Einstein Copilot is an integrated, out-of-the-box conversational AI assistant embedded in every Salesforce application.  Designed to enhance productivity, Copilot assists users within their workflow, allowing natural language queries. Copilot goes beyond simple answers, proactively suggesting additional actions based on user queries, such as recommending action plans post-sales calls or creating new service knowledge articles. 

Moreover, Einstein Copilot Studio offers a user-friendly platform for companies to develop AI-powered apps with custom prompts, skills, and models for accelerated sales, streamlined customer service, website auto-creation, and more. Both Copilot and Copilot Studio operate within the secure Einstein Trust Layer, ensuring high-quality AI results while upholding data privacy and security standards.

2. Predictive intelligence

Salesforce Einstein leverages predictive analytics to foresee future trends and behaviors. It enables businesses to make data-driven decisions by predicting outcomes, whether it’s customer preferences, sales forecasts, or potential opportunities.

3. Real-time insights

Salesforce Einstein provides real-time insights, empowering users to make quick decisions based on the most up-to-date data. This agility is crucial in today’s fast-paced business environment.

4. Continuous learning and improvement

Einstein’s AI models are designed to continuously learn and improve over time. This ensures that predictions become more accurate as the system adapts to evolving trends and data patterns.

5. Prediction Builder for custom predictions

Einstein Prediction Builder simplifies the process of creating custom predictions for non-encrypted data. It is a simple, point-and-click wizard for Admins. Outcomes for different business scenarios can be predicted, from sales and marketing to HR and finance, with just a few clicks.

6. Einstein for Sales

Einstein for Sales enhances win rates for sales reps by intelligently prioritizing leads and opportunities with a higher likelihood of conversion. By analyzing sales cycles using prepackaged best practices, it enables users to identify and act upon valuable pipeline trends. Additionally, Einstein for Sales maximizes the time spent on selling activities by automating the capture of crucial data. Another notable feature is its ability to automatically generate relevant outreach based on CRM data, streamlining the communication process and fostering more effective customer engagement.

7. Einstein for Service

Einstein for Service accelerates case resolution by automatically predicting and populating fields on incoming cases, saving time and minimizing repetitive tasks. The platform enhances call deflection by efficiently addressing routine customer requests on real-time digital channels such as web, mobile chat, or messaging. Moreover, Einstein for Service contributes to reducing average handle time by gathering and qualifying customer information, ensuring a smooth and informed agent handoff. Agents benefit from intelligent, context-aware conversation suggestions and knowledge recommendations, facilitating quicker issue resolution. Additionally, the tool leverages CRM data to automatically generate tailored service replies, knowledge articles, and work summaries, enhancing overall service efficiency.

8. Einstein Bots

Einstein Bots are used to enhance the customer service encounter with AI. These bots operate across various channels such as SMS, Chat, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, and they can be used for conversations in multiple languages. The primary advantage of Einstein Bots includes their ability to address routine inquiries without the need for an agent. They can gather essential information before directing the conversation to an agent and save time and effort.

9. Einstein for Marketing

Marketing teams can gain a deeper understanding of their audience by leveraging consumer insights and predictive analytics. Einstein for Marketing can enhance effectiveness by providing intelligent suggestions on the optimal timing and channels for customer outreach. Personalized messages and content based on consumer preferences and intent are effortlessly created. Marketing operations are streamlined, leading to increased productivity. Furthermore, compelling subject lines and web campaigns are automatically generated with CRM data, ensuring relevance and saving time for your team.

10. Einstein for Commerce

Einstein for Commerce focuses on revenue increase through the presentation of personalized product recommendations to shoppers, effectively eliminating the manual merchandising of individual pages. Insights into customer buying patterns are derived from highly visual dashboards, serving as a foundation for more powerful merchandising strategies. The shopping experience can be personalized with explicit search, implicit search, and category pages for a shopper, resulting in time savings and increased revenue for the business. Additionally, smart product descriptions are automatically generated, contributing to heightened conversion rates and overall customer satisfaction.


For millennials like me, the AI has always been present, but it really took off in 2023. We now use it more than ever, and for me personally, I’ve noticed that using AI has had some positive impacts on productivity and efficiency. Only a year ago, I would spend hours on tasks that now can be completed in 20 minutes. The work itself hasn’t gone anywhere; I have more of it than ever, but now we have more time to spend on more important things than completing time-consuming and repetitive tasks that we can leave to AI. 

Since entering the AI game, Salesforce has released over 60 products. Some of them are still here, some of them are already retired, but one thing is for sure: the business world is changing, and AI is not going anywhere. 

We need to learn to use it in the best ways that work for us, our businesses, our customers, and processes. Embracing AI in the Salesforce ecosystem and learning to use it effectively is paramount as we navigate the ever-changing dynamics of the business world.

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Zrna Anicic

Zrna is a 9x certified Salesforce professional. She is a product owner at Focus on Force and a content creator at K2 University specialized in Salesforce topics.

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