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Salesforce Launchpad

Fill your organization’s Salesforce skills gaps, fast

This end-to-end program recruits top graduates for your business and equips them with official Salesforce training and practical experience to ensure they can tackle your most important projects straight away.

Bridge critical skills gaps by hiring and training new Salesforce teams who can hit the ground running.

Build dynamic teams of ready-to-go Salesforce specialists

Official Salesforce training that rapidly delivers critical new talent

Recruit new professionals

Recruit new professionals who have the official Salesforce training and hands-on experience needed to deliver complex projects within modern agile teams.

Maximize hiring speed

Maximize hiring speed and cost-efficiency by creating entire Salesforce teams from scratch within just a few weeks.

Access essential Salesforce skills

Access essential Salesforce skills to drive business productivity and revenue growth.


How K2 creates new Salesforce teams for your company

Take the pain out of building new Salesforce teams. The Launchpad program swiftly recruits talent for you and gives them 10 weeks of intensive Salesforce training. Here’s how it works:


K2 sources the best talent to enter the program


Start of 10-week intensive Salesforce program


Official Salesforce training x 3 certifications


Agile methodologies and soft skills


Simulated and
project experience


Your new team is ready to work!


Candidate searches and applications

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Job offers

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10-week intensive Salesforce training program

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Your new consultants are ready to start!

Get ready-to-go Salesforce teams in just 10 weeks

K2 University’s unique program produces versatile Salesforce specialists who have top-tier technical expertise, understand the latest methodologies and soft skills, and possess practical project experience.

Officially certified instructors




Authorized Salesforce Training Provider


Salesforce training provider

Technical training and certification

K2 University’s official Salesforce training provides the highest level of technical knowledge. Your Launchpad participants earn three Salesforce certifications:

Methodology training

Participants also undergo methodology-focused training, which includes official SAFe framework courses in Agile, Lean, and DevOps.

Additionally, your team learns essential soft skills such as business analysis, problem-solving, collaboration, and strategic thinking.

Hands-on project experience

During the program participants gain the equivalent of 18 months of hands-on experience by tackling real-world project implementation challenges. This ensures they are fully equipped to begin delivering your mission-critical projects.

Official Salesforce training
customized to your business needs

The Launchpad offers two separate Salesforce training paths tailored to the unique requirements of each member of your team.


This Salesforce training track produces well-rounded consultants who possess the technical and coding expertise necessary to implement programmatic solutions using Salesforce’s most advanced features.

Moreover, K2’s Salesforce training equips them with the agile skills essential for excelling in your organization


Choose this curriculum to create functional Salesforce consultants who understand and are committed to achieving your business objectives.

Following their official Salesforce training, they are equipped to collaborate in agile teams and devise solutions to expertly manage your business analysis and platform administration.


K2 creates a highly skilled Salesforce team for a top fashion brand

Across the globe, leading companies are using the Salesforce Launchpad to rapidly secure the essential Salesforce talent required to achieve their business objectives.

In 2023, K2 hired and trained a 15-strong team of Salesforce developers for a prestigious Italian fashion house, saving it the trouble and expense of recruiting externally in a talent-scarce market. K2 provided official Salesforce training, real-world project work, and agile and soft skills training, so the new employees were ready to start delivering value for the company in just 10 weeks.

Read our case study to find out more.

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